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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Class page.


Our teachers are Mrs Henderson and Miss Trowse and our teaching assistant is Mrs Steele.


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Our Curriculum

Our theme for the first half of the Spring Term is 'Why is the USA so special?'  We will be looking at the geography of the USA and about the special people who live or have lived there.  



This half term (until the end of February) we will be learning to play the American game of basketball.  This will be outside whenever possible, so children will need to bring in trainers and suitable outdoor sports wear eg joggers and a sweatshirt.

We will also be studying line dancing, which is popular in many parts of America.



Homework is given twice weekly.  On Tuesday there will be English homework and this is due back on Wednesday.

On Thursday there will be maths homework which is due back on Friday.  Each week there will be additional art homework - to sketch a famous American.  I can't wait to see who the children choose to draw.





We are just beginning to learn about forces.  To get us hooked into this topic, we have experimented with balancing toys.  One group made bids from card and looked at how we can make the bird balance on our finger-tip.

The other group made a clown and tried to make it balance on a tight-rope.

We learnt a lot about weight and the centre of gravity and we could confidently talk about what we have noticed.


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