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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant


The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated for the educational benefit of the children at the school. It is additional money given to schools to help close the gap in achievement of the pupils on Free School Meals, or disadvantaged children, with those who are not eligible.


The money can be used for additional teachers, support staff, resources and to pay for  and subsidise activities such as the breakfast club, school trips, visitors to the school and visits.


The money is allocated to children who claim free school meal entitlement. In the financial year 2017/18 we were allocated approximately  £148,000.


At Bridge Hall we have found that additional academic and pastoral support can be beneficial in terms of narrowing the gap in achievement between FSM and non FSM children. We maintain small classes each year group with additional adult support, thus giving the class teachers more quality time with each individual child.


We also use the money to fund the employment of support teachers and staff who have a key focus on supporting our vulnerable children and children who need a little extra help to achieve their potential.


For a detailed review of our strategy please follow the link below

Learning interventions.


Mrs Steele supports children we have identified need extra support to help them acquire basic reading skills. She works with children in years one two and three on a 1-to-1 reading intervention.


Mrs Dempsey delivers follow up activities for children with identified special educational needs. This may be reading , writing, maths or social skills


Our older children are given additional 1 to 1 support with tutors and specialist teachers to help them achieve their potential in their end of school exams. We utilise the Beanstalk Reading Programme to further boost the reading abilities of our older children.


Curriculum Enrichment


We provide a huge range of enrichment and engagement activities. We subsidise a number of educational trips and visitors, including residential visits for all KS2 children.  Additional resources are also made available should we identify any particular barriers to learning for individual children.


One example of enrichment the curriculum is through our specialist music teachers to increase engagement and enjoying in learning



Pastoral Support


We employ a pastoral manager in order to help our most vulnerable children achieve their potential. Mrs Parkinson and our teaching assistants support children who may have barriers to learning and support the social and emotional welfare of all the children.


Our extremely well attended Breakfast Club is also heavily subsidised  by the Pupil Premium Grant. This runs from 8am until school starts at 8:45 and gives all the children.


Some of the barriers to learning our children face are:

  • complex and chaotic  family lives
  • not having healthy start to the day- no suitable breakfast 
  • not easy access to reading material at home
  • literature poor home life
  • low aspirations of self and family
  • poor attendance
  • lack of learning resources and equipment ( EG pencils/paper  at home, PE kit, )
  • lack of enhancing life enhancing experiences ( trips to museum/ parks, etc.)
  • poor emotional resilience
  • lack of consistent parenting
  • poorly developed  learning behaviours.
  • poor language skills
  • low self esteem


Some of the ways in which we spent the allocation .

  • Employing a Pastoral Manager / Learning Mentor
  • Employing two trained Reading Recovery SERI assistants – targeting KS1
  • Speech language work / support in early years.
  • Reading buddies partnerships.- Targeting KS2
  • Bright Maths Group – aimed at younger children mathematical development
  • Curriculum Enhancement activities – emphasis on enriching curriculum with trips and visitors
  • Music Tuition- across years 3,4,5,6 enhancing curriculum with tuition on stringed instruments and the development of music skills, and self esteem..
  • subsidising many extra-curricular sporting activities.
  • Purchasing of PE equipment / and supplying kits for all pupils
  • 1 to 1 tuition for older pupils – in English and Maths
  • School attendance initiatives – free breakfast weeks, prizes for attendance
  • Heavily Subsidised breakfast club –attended by 40 + children every day.
  • Motor skills united training and delivery.
  • Buying into the Beanstalk Reading 1 to 1 support initiative to support Y5, 6 reading.
  • Subsidising school uniform.
  • Installation of a forest school area in the school.
  • Forest Schools leaders working with groups.


Evaluation of impact of the Pupil Premium allocation.

We have found that the use of the Pupil Premium money has been had a very positive impact on the schools ethos and the learning behaviours the children exhibit in school. The main impact has helped ensure all of our children have the opportunity to access a wide and varied curriculum, supplemented by enhancement activities that they would not normally have had experiences of.


Our Breakfast Club is very well attended, thus ensuring many of the children have a good start to the day. It is heavily subsidised and continues to ensure some of our most vulnerable children are ready to start the day in a productive way.


The School’s Pastoral focus is funded by the PP money. This has had a positive impact in the learning across the school. Given specialist help to children who occasionally need additional emotional support to access the curriculum. Supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of many of the children can only have a positive impact on academic success.


The Reading intervention programme is also partly funded from our PP money. This year 12 pupils have accessed this and made excellent improvement in their reading and writing skills.


Beanstalk Readers has improved reading attitudes in a number of the older children. contributing to the raising of the children’s reading ages and the improving performances in reading at KS2


Enhancing the curriculum has seen a large proportion of the PP money. This has benefitted children by improving their life experiences and enhancing their learning.  We have ensured that all KS2 children have the opportunity to take part in residential visits.


More specific funding has been targeted at the older children, utilising the funding to employ one to one tuition. Unfortunately this has not transferred in to higher attainment in English this year, but has made an impact in KS2 maths results.


We firmly believe that the pastoral support we put into our children will have long term beneficial effects in terms of their learning attitudes and safeguarding. We have seen a massive improvement in the learning behaviours in the school over the last five years and we are sure that this will be reflected in the learning outcomes across the whole school.


We have seen a massive reduction in severe behaviour incidents in the school over the last three years. Resulting in 3 fixed term exclusions of  pupils since June 2015. Historically school exclusions have  been very high for this school.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18


As the money is dependent on families claiming FSM it is vital that you do so. Even if you only claim the money for a short period of time the school will continue to receive the money for the next 5 years!

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