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Year 2


Dear Children,

My name is Miss. Rawling, I have taken over from Mr. Trueman and was due to come and meet you all and run some Computing classes with you next week.

I was really looking forward to meeting you all, but unfortunately, I will have to wait a little longer!

Meanwhile, I’ve got some great little games and challenges for you to work through.

I’ve written you a little step by step here.

Even though I won’t be with you, I will be able to see how you’re getting on, once you have created your account.

I hope you enjoy these little lessons!



Code Studio     

You can find your Code Studio class by clicking on the link here:

 - this will take you to Intro to Key skills and Coding Year 2 your code is VJHYNK or click this link to take you straight there Code Studio YEAR 2



 will take you to Intro to Key Skills and Coding with a little activity away from your computer (unplugged) based around E Safety

This is something you can work on at your own pace but should try to spend at least an hour over the next week if you can.

The levels will stop at the end of the course and you will then be given some little challenges. As long as you sign in, all your progress will be saved and school will be able to see it 

If you finish and want to do more, you can carry on without signing in but your scores and progress won’t be saved.


To sign up:

Click on the link for your Year Group 



Lesson Link for Code Studio

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Welcome to the Year 2 Home Learning page.


Each week I will update the website with worksheets, resources and other helpful websites/ videos for you to complete and I will supply you with a work booklet. The school website will hold videos of me teaching lessons to the children as well as videos and websites that will help the children's learning. The children must watch them before they complete any work in their exercise books or worksheets.


The work booklets need to be collected each Monday from the school office and you will need to hand in the worksheets from the previous week on the same day. 


With certain pieces of work, I will ask you to send me a picture of the completed work by your child. My email address is – After receiving this work, I will reply back and give your child some feedback about their fantastic work.


I hope you are all well and staying safe.


Best wishes,

Mrs Faulkner


Home Learning Weekly Time Table




Pie Corbett telling the Little Red Hen Story

Listen to and learn the story of the Little Red Hen. See if you can learn the actions to the story too.

Week 1

Written version of the story and Comprehension questions


Spelling Lessons

All worksheets for these lessons are in the work booklets.

Spelling lesson 1 - Watch this video then complete spelling worksheet 1


Spelling lesson 2 - Watch this video then complete spelling worksheet 2


Spelling lesson 3 - Watch this video then complete spelling worksheet 3


Spelling lesson 4 - Watch this video then complete spelling worksheet 4


Spelling lesson 5 - Watch this video then complete spelling worksheet 5


Maths lesson 1 - Watch the video Then complete Maths worksheet 1 and email me a photo of your work for me to mark.

Maths lesson 2 - Watch the video Then complete Maths worksheet 2 and email me a photo of your work for me to mark.

Week 2



Lesson 1 - Grammar: Inverted commas. 

Please watch the video below and then complete both sheets to help you practice this skill from your work pack.

Mr Thorne does Grammar -

Lesson 2 - Comprehension. This work is available in your work pack.

Lesson 3 and 4 - Non-chronological report about chickens. Key information is in your work pack but the video below will give you the information you will need to write about.

Learn about Chickens -



Lesson 1 - Watch the video and then complete the work in your maths book.

Lesson 2 - Please watch the video - and then complete the worksheet for Lesson 2 in your work pack.



All worksheets for these lesson are in the work packs provided.

Lesson 1 - Suffix 'ed'

Lesson 2 - Suffix 'ing'

Lesson 3 - Suffixes 'er' and 'est'

Lesson 4 - Suffix 'er' and 'est'

Lesson 5 - Suffixes ful, less, ly, able

Week 3

Please watch the video below and complete worksheets attached for each lesson. If you need the worksheets to be printed, please do not hesitate to contact the school and we will get this organised for you. 

Thank you for all your hard work, from Mrs Faulkner smiley yes



Lesson 1

Adding 'y' to the end of a word to change it from a noun to an adjective.

Lesson 2

Adding the Suffix 'ful'

Lesson 3

Adding the suffix 'ment' to the end of words

Lesson 4

Adding the suffix 'ness' to the end of words

Lesson 5

Spelling words that use contracted apostrophes.



Grammar Lesson

How to use inverted commas/ Speech marks.


Please have a go at writing the story of the 'Little Red Hen' in your exercise books. Make sure you include in your writing:

  • expanded noun phrases
  • inverted commas
  • adjectives
  • punctuation

Once you have completed writing the whole story, please take a picture of your work and email me a copy at I will then give you some feedback on your wonderful writing.

I shall look forward to seeing your work!

Best wishes,

Mrs Faulkner



Please look at the attached power point displays that relate to fractions. Once you have learnt the content of the lesson, then have a go at the worksheets. You can either print off the worksheets or transfer the work into your maths exercise book. If you would like me to print off the worksheets for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


This week you will write a set of instructions about how to care for a pet chicken. Please read the fact cards, watch the power point display and take a close look at the instruction example text to help you.

Please email me a copy of your work once you have completed it.

Outdoor/ Physical Learning