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Our Homework Policy


At Bridge Hall Primary School we appreciate the importance of establishing good links between home and school and understand that a child’s education does not cease when he/she leaves the school premises. We also recognise the importance of establishing good homework habits from the beginning of a child’s school life.

“Homework” is any work or activity which is completed outside the school day either alone or with the support of a parent/carer or an older sibling. Research into homework has mainly been carried out in secondary schools but the Sutton Trust 2013  indicated that although homework adds only one month’s progress the involvement of parents’ in a child’s learning  can add up to three months progress. When reviewing the impact of homework evidence from the EEF suggests that short focussed tasks that link directly to current learning and ongoing retrieval of prior learning linked to gains in long term memory are likely to be more effective than regular daily homework which lacks a specific purpose. 

We see the purpose of homework as being

  • To practise and consolidate basic skills and knowledge especially in English and maths
  • To extend and support learning
  • To provide opportunities for parents/carers and children to work together in partnership in relation to their children’s learning
  • Encourage children and their parents/carers to share and enjoy learning experiences
  • To prepare Year 6 children for the secondary phase of their education


This homework policy is designed to

  • Ensure consistency of approach throughout the school
  • To ensure that parents and carers have a clear understanding about expectations for themselves and children


 From the Early Years reading ,saying rhymes and playing simple games with parents provides invaluable opportunities for the practice/reinforcement of basic skills in a supportive environment. As children get older they need to develop the skills of regularly devoting short periods of time to personal study. All children are expected to take part in a variety of home learning tasks to enhance and support their work in class.  At Bridge Hall Primary School the main emphasis of the homework involves the reinforcement of basic skills. knowledge and understanding. Other tasks may include research, practical activities or problem solving. The nature, amount and type of homework will vary according to the age and ability of the children and will increase as the children move through the school. It may be adjusted to meet individual needs.

Homework progression throughout the school

Year group

Reading and phonics



Sharing story books

Playbags (book and resources)

Posts on Tapestry eg rhyme with ideas


Phase 1 books

Phonic photocopies

When appropriate

Activities related to topic

Eg collect things from an Autumn work

Year One

Phonic banded books then levelled reading books

Homework books -10 minute maths weekly workouts

And reading comprehension.

Year Two

Reading books

Key Stage 2

Reading books go home every night

Homework books (maths and grammar ,punctuation and spelling)

1 page from each weekly Usually related to what is done in class .

How staff at Bridge Hall Primary will support this policy

  • By providing a range of homework activities/tasks
  • By ensuring the children have a clear understanding of the tasks set
  • By communicating with parents/carers and keeping them informed of progress

How parents/carers can help to support their children

  • Provide a suitable place for children to complete activities/tasks
  • Provide support and encouragement when they require it
  • Support the school in explaining and valuing homework
  • Praise children when tasks are completed
  • Share with school any issues arising from homework eg commenting in reading record book

Children are expected to

  • Make full use of any opportunities they are presented with
  • Tackle tasks with a positive attitude
  • Take pride in the content and presentation of tasks completed
  • Be organised to look after and return books and completed tasks to school on agreed dates


Other ways parents/carers can help with supporting a child’s learning

  • Visiting the local library
  • Visiting the park
  • Joining clubs and other organisations
  • Attending Community events


Additional activities to do at home


Click on your child's class to get ideas to enhance home learning.