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I am Mrs Corcoran and I am the subject leader for History.


At Bridge Hall, we want History to develop skills for life; asking questions, finding information, sharing ideas and understanding other people’s feelings, viewpoints and experiences.


History is taught through engaging topic lessons which make links to other curricular areas. Lessons could include drawing, object handling, drama, photography or writing- anything that captures the children’s curiosity about the past and the world around them.


At Bridge Hall we want our children to feel confident exploring first hand evidence from the past, so regular trips are organised as part of an enriched curriculum.


We teach History according to the guidelines in the 2014 curriculum. Please refer to our curriculum overview for the specific units of work for each year group.


History Overview

Year 3  : Ancient Egypt

In Talk For Writing, we wrote instructions about how to mummify a pharoah. We then wrote our own instructions.

Here are a couple of examples.

Ella wrote about mummifying a cat and Declan wrote about mummifying a wolf.

Year 4 : The Romans
Year 6: The Second World War