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Bridge Hall Primary School Where Every Child Matters and Every Day Counts

Welcome from Chair of Governors



Dear Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members,

As Chair of Governors, I am privileged to address you on behalf of the Governing Body of Bridge Hall Primary School. We take great pride in our responsibilities towards all stakeholders – including pupils, staff, parents, Stockport Council, and the wider community. It is with dedication and commitment that we strive to fulfil these duties effectively.


Educational Standards
We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of education at Bridge Hall Primary School. This entails compliance with legal requirements, setting achievable yet challenging educational goals, and allocating resources effectively to ensure our school is well-equipped. Our aim is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares pupils academically, morally, and socially for future learning stages.


Our leadership role involves developing the school’s vision and strategic objectives, establishing and maintaining our core values, and acting as critical friends by monitoring and evaluating the school’s progress toward its priorities while supporting and challenging the staff.


Relationship with Stakeholders
Maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders is paramount. We are accountable to the children and parents we serve, the local community, funders, maintainers, and  employed staff. Upholding these relationships ensures the welfare and well-being of both staff and pupils remain a priority.


Composition of the Governing Body
Our Governing Body is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the table:

  • Local Authority Governor: nominated from local Stockport Council.
  • Parent Governors: Elected by parents of pupils, generally with children attending the school.
  • Staff Governor: Is elected by school staff.
  • Headteacher: Automatically a member of the Governing Body.
  • Co-opted Governors: Chosen for their specific skills or local community ties.
  • Associate Members: Appointed for specialist expertise, without voting rights.


Committees and Openness
Guided by our School Improvement Committee, Finance Committee and Full Governing Board Meetings, we operate with transparency. Minutes and proceedings are available for reference in the school, and members are approachable for discussions via the School Office.


In our pursuit to grow and enhance our educational standards, our School Improvement Committee has revised the School Improvement Plan following the most recent SATs results. We are already seeing tangible impact from these efforts, reflecting our dedication to continual growth in teaching, learning and understanding.


I extend my gratitude to all members of our school community for their ongoing support and collaboration. Together, we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the success and well-being of every child at Bridge Hall Primary School.


Yours sincerely,

Dave Trafford
Chair of Governors
Bridge Hall Primary School