Welcome to the Safeguarding  and Pastoral Team Page

Special Educational Needs Coordinator : Miss Schofield

Pastoral Manager : Mrs Parkinson

Safeguarding Schools Policy 2019


If any staff have concerns about other staff this policy explains how to deal with the issue.

Whistle Blowing Policy


 At Bridge Hall Primary School we provide a high level of guidance and support to pupils, parents and carers to enable our students to achieve their maximum potential during their school career.

The pastoral team offers support to the children at Bridge Hall in a variety of different ways, such as;

One-to-one support; art therapy, behaviour management and guidance, social and emotional projects and activities, anger management.

Group work; Girls and boys groups, friendship based activities, games clubs, E-safety (see below for more information about E-safety)

In class support; supporting the children within the classroom with behaviour and learning.

Lunchtime Clubs;


Business club- Every Tuesday a group of 12 children from years 6-4 meet with Miss Barr to develop and create a business idea. The children come up with a product or products that can be sold to parents/carers at the end of each term. The children decided at the beginning of the year that they would like the money that they make to go to Cancer Research. The aim of this club is to enable the children to work as a team to share their ideas and create a product. It allows the children to be create and use the necessary skills to budget ad creative a cost effective product.

Morning Clubs

Wake up Shake up- Miss Barr has begun a new Wake up Shake up group every Tuesday and Thursday morning. It is currently for a small group of year 5/6 girls, however once they have created the Wake up Shake up routine they will teach it to a larger group of pupils. This will then be entered in to a competition as part of the run up to Rio. Wake up Shake up routines are a great way to start the day and help energise the children before they start their learning.

E-Safety at Bridge Hall

At Bridge Hall we are currently working hard to ensure that all of our children are safe and happy whilst surfing the World Wide Web. It is covered both through PSHE lessons and the pastoral team. We understand that the internet is a big part of our children’s education and social life and we want to promote the fundamental rules of keeping yourself safe and protected when online. Here are some of the things we have been teaching them;

Never share your personal details (address, telephone number, school)

Never speak to people that you don’t know

Don’t befriend people that you don’t know

Never share your passwords

Always think extremely carefully before posting anything online.

Here are some links to help you teach your child about online safety at home-

If you have any questions or would like any support in regards to E-safety then please do not hesitate to ask.


We believe that in order for our children to achieve their full potential they must attend school on a regular basis, we understand that illness and unforeseen circumstances may be unavoidable, however attending school should be important to both children and parents.

Evidence shows that poor attendance can affect a child’s development both socially and academically. As shown below, what may seem like a short period of time can result in your child missing extremely valuable learning time;

If your attendance is 95% you have missed 9 days and 50 lessons 

If your attendance is 90% you have missed 19 days and 100 lessons

If your attendance is 85% you have missed 29 days and 150 lessons

If your attendance is 80% you have missed 38 days and 200 lessons

If your attendance is 75% you have missed 48 days and 250 lessons

If your attendance is 70% you have missed 57 days and 290 lessons

If your attendance is 65% you have missed 67 days and 340 lessons

Bridge Hall considers 96% and above as good attendance. Attendance awards for both 96% and above and 100% are given out at the end of each term.

Class attendance

Term 2-

Reception- 93.86%

Year 1- 96.38%

Year 2- 94.28%

Year 3- 94.04%

Year 4- 93.65%

Year 5- 96.12%

Year 6- 95.67%

Current class attendance-

Reception- 91.96%

Year 1- 95.90%

Year 2- 94.37%

Year 3- 94.95%

Year 4- 93.65%

Year 5-  96.57%

Year 6- 95.34%

Our current school attendance is 94.79%. We hope to get to 95% before the end of the academic year.

Children Missing from school

We ensure that our school codes registers accurately. We operate a first day call system in which we contact the families of children who are missing from school. If we receive an unsatisfactory reason or are unable to gain an explanation for the absence and the child is either the subject of a Child Protection Plan or is ‘Looked After’ we make a referral to Services for Young People (SFYP) immediately. If we have welfare concerns about a child we continue to contact the family every day for up to 10 days. We will make a referral to SFYP at any point during the 10 days as appropriate. If we have had no previous welfare concerns but the child is absent without a reasonable explanation for 10 days a referral will go to SFYP on the 10th day of absence.

If a child goes missing during the school day we will:

  • search the premises carefully
  • contact the parent/carer to make them aware of the situation
  • contact the police after 15 minutes if the child is not found
  • if we have been unable to contact a parent/carer we will continue to try to do so
  • once the child is found a risk assessment and safe management plan will be established (with parental involvement wherever possible) in an attempt to prevent this happening again.